How to use (1click)Affinity

How to Use 1 Click Affinity

What is new in "version4" (Photoshop)

Extra Button to make you work faster!

How to use AutoRasterMe

How to use PickerColor

How to use Dual Head Spot Channel's

How to use in Photoshop (examples)

How to Auto RasterMe (Version 3)

How to Halftone if PNG or TIF

How to Halftone a black&white image

How to Halftone with Blackiss

How to Halftone a normal picture

How to Halftone for Whites

How to Halftone with dots on Whites

Tips & Tricks

Choke 1 pixels in your rip software

No ICC Profile, Limit the inks to get better colors

Use black powder on black t-shirts

How to use "Levels"

Best Settings "examples"

When to use "Softhand"

How to avoid white edges around dots.

Crop a part of the image with edges dots.

print on the same sheet the croped images with different white ink % to find your setup "sweet spot"

examples: Epson L1800 (2 channels of 90 nozzles) = 70% or 80% white

examples: Epson p600 (4 channels of 180 nozzles) = 40% or 50% white

50% white ink

60% white ink

70% white ink

How to avoid this FAILS.

Use "Blackiss Button" to clear the background

Use Bigger Dots Size

Lower white ink %

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